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Okay Luki Purwanto introduce my name, I live in rural areas far away from the hustle of the city. I was a novice blogger just like you. I started a blog since early 2015 yesterday and the new to SEO is also in conjunction with the making of this blog.

I was not a skillful technique of SEO, but I always learned and continue to learn to understand what SEO is.

Imagine I was a novice who dared to target keywords that could be considered competition degan superketat. Crazy is not it? A bold bersaingin beginner to master SEO! Remarkably, Ko Ko hahaha crazy idea.

I am a person who is curious about what I could not accomplish. So do not be surprised if the stance I always wear my pledge that is how desperate bin ngeyel hehehe.

Yes, initially anyway I know what to do, so the articles I was able to compete with other SEO master. Yes at least get 10 there was great, but it turns out it's not easy! I think that the more backlinks a lot of the better ranked search machined, eh was not still many other factors.

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I was hot, and then I try to learn what the heck Google wants it? Then I tried to learn what is written my competitors, I was trying to analyze up to several months. I have always been to study the article, from keywords in use, said the right word, completeness articles and so on.

Even then I mengaplikasikanya on this blog. Slowly begin to slowly rise to my articles were 7 page position in Google (hahaha that much just proud).

Well, that is when I began to discover the science that has never been used by people when they have a chance to pass up blogwalking. Most of them when they visit a blog that just stop by and comment without actually reading and studying the contents of the article. They refractive just left behind a trail and go nowhere (actually, just like I used hehehe).

After a few months of my articles was increased entry in the top 10 of Google with keywords to create a blog. Honestly the first time I were really me optimize is the key word. I just focus on the keywords it for months, because I thought "if I can get through that time, I certainly can also pass other keyword".

My motivation is "no such thing as master and newbi in the glittering world of SEO, because SEO is always changing Google algorithm change as updates". So essentially they are the masters of SEO also always learning and newbi was also always learning. Then do not cease to learn, if you want to compete with them or want to stick with the onslaught of the newbi others.

Hehehe that's my story about the first time I get to know about SEO. I'm just like you, do not be discouraged, be assured that you can!

Remember never Copas, if you want to really succeed in the world of SEO. In addition to prohibiting Google for copyright violation, you also hurt the bloggers who you Copas. Remember you also learn from the articles you read, so you get the knowledge of the articles you read. Imagine if your article in Copas people after you share your knowledge through articles deducted by them (copaser).

Seo off page optimization or seo off page optimization can be considered as the optimization done outside your blog or website (behind the scenes). That is the off page seo optimization, you are in demand to build as many links that point to your blog or website that you have with the sense of link building. There were many ways and techniques that can be used for optimization seo offpage blog with this technique, one that is widely used by webmasters is to get qualified and with DoFollow category.

On Page SEO Optimization Easy And Quality

# Optimization SEO External Link

Apart from giving a link to an article internal, external links are also very influential in the SERP. Giving External links or outbound links from our site, very helpful article we occupy good position in the search engines, what else ersebut site is fairly new site. You can take the example MOZ website, see how they give you eternal link.

You should know that the search engine spiders, jumping from one site to another to collect the relevant data and then selected a new determined which articles are relevant to display on the main page of the search engines. Then link out very important role in SEO.

Most of us stingy to give backlink to the usual articles we read, but the article gives us a useful lesson for us, especially given the impact of outbound links to our articles is very nice. To give an external link, use variations of anchor text to target the keywords to be optimized.

# Optimization SEO In Pictures

Figure besides giving the article more colorful and easier for readers to transform and understand our articles, images also have an impact that is positive for our site, the visitor length of stay on our site, it will get a plus for our site, because the longer visitors stay on our site, will reduce bounce rate out rate. As you know google determine quality articles also viewed from the level of bounce out rate, if you bounce out rate is high, your article will be considered unqualified by google.

alt tag optimization seo is used for image optimization, robots txt can not see pictures that are posted on us, but using robots txt alt attribute can detect images on our blog. all platforms are already many websites that mendunkung with this attribute, please optimize your images so that images can be dipencarian kalain posts.

# H1 Tag SEO Optimization For Article Title

Make sure each article title position H1 tags, and make sure there is only one H1 tag in a template. You can check the title of your blog article by the way, please click on one of your articles later blog post title and then right-click Inspect Element will appear as: <hi class ...> or <h2 class ...>. See the picture below:

optimization seo blogspot

Actually it is not so complicated, because if you are already using a template seo friendly free or premium else, usually in the setting of TAG H1 for the title of the post, but if you are still using templates default blogger, silahakan you change, because the templates default blogger defoult H1 for the title of the blog and and H2 to the post title, so it's not sEO friendly. Please read the 5 best responsive seo simple template.

# Optimize Keyword

Keywords are very important in optimization seo on page, then do keyword research before making articles sanga are suggested. Google itself very concerned about keyword density and how the placement of keywords, placements relevant keywords will more easily indexed by search engine spiders.

The keyword density is also very perperan, even though many experts seo menpunyai different views, some say the density of keywords with keywords in restarting the replay of origin does not reduce the quality of the article was not a problem and there are some who say the keyword idak need too much about 3% of the article, because the more keywords will be feared as a spammer by google.

# Optimizing Long Tailed Keywords

Broadly speaking, the long-tail keywords are not as many as the number of clicks on the keyword Short tail keywords, but the search for long tail keywords will impact on your article. Sometimes what if the primary keyword (short tail keywords) can not occupy the primary position, since the keyword is quite popular keywords of course the level of difficulty to occupy the primary position is very difficult, the long tail keywords will help you to occupy a central position, because the level competitors are not too many makja would be very easy for the position.

Examples of long tail keywords ie how do seo on page optimization is good or it could be a way onpage seo optimization on the website. When you are looking for long tail keywords also make sure to have plenty search rate and bit your competitors, in order to occupy the first position and get a pretty good amount of clicks.

You can find long tail keywords by using tools or can be a single tool is sufficient in gandrungi by the bloggers, namely;

# Writing Articles When Can Long

Long, detailed, useful and inspiring articles that follow the above guidelines, will inadvertently give long tail that might not be thought about by you when doing keyword research. Google itself is also like a long article and relevant to discuss thoroughly a problem that is being searched by Internet users.

Make an article that detailed as possible but do not make your readers bored to read your article and try to make the unique words that the reader likes your article.

Catak increasingly necessary in the long and useful articles the more keywords contained and the more visitors coming. Long, detailed and useful is one key to success of SEO success of your blog.

Similarly, Article I provided on how to do seo optimization onpage on a blog, may be useful for you and other readers.

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